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Entrepreneurs need to focus on a problem. So should their investors.

Every city in the world where people have some spare cash to invest in their future should have a group of green angels to support climate innovators. Nick Lyth, Founder and President of the Green Angel Syndicate, UK’s largest network of specialist investors, tells you how to do it and what you can achieve.

You will learn about what the Green Angel Syndicate has achieved, the companies that they have supported and the processes they must follow. Business executives across the world with some spare cash would like to participate in climate businesses. Hopefully, this will show how to go about doing it.

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Nick Lyth



Through partnerships between organizations both large and small and commercial and non-commercial

P4G Partnering for Green Growth and Global Goals 2030 has been supporting pioneering partnerships in the areas of clean energy, water and sanitation, sustainable agriculture, sustainable cities and circular economy.

In this second episode (you can see the first episodes here), Robyn McGuckin recounts some of the successful partnerships:

1. Creating a credit worthy market intermediary in Zambia for promoting renewable energy.

2. Deploying digital solutions for reducing water wastage in Asia

3. Reducing plastic waste in the poorer communities of cities

4. Sourcing sustainable products from small holder farmers.

5. Developing sustainable industrial clusters

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By having a flexible approach and taking stock regularly

Developed nations can use their climate finance commitments to help emerging nations develop vibrant and innovative approaches to address climate challenges. In this podcast, Robyn McGuckin Director of Partnerships at P4G makes the following points:

1. Public funds should support partnerships that bring innovative approaches to pressing problems.

2. Grant support to projects should be accompanied by capacity building to attract private capital.

3. To support innovation, funders need to be agile, ready to adapt and know that not every project will be a success.

P4G with assistance from the governments of Denmark, Netherlands and South Korea have supported 66 partnerships to deliver inclusive and sustainable growth in nine countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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Robyn McGuckin



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